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Complete and accurate service for any solution in the tool making field, ranging from the 3D development for accurate technical, aesthetical and functional analyses, up to specific analyses with relating certificates.

The mould plays a primary role in the manufacturing of a new product, therefore it requires precision, professionalism and up-to-date technology. 
For this reason Officine Cazzago Giacomo offers a complete service for any need in the tool making field:


  • Consulting for product manufacturing and engineering
  • Consulting for mould design and manufacturing
  • Consulting for die casting cycle analysis
  • Consulting concerning the choice of the most suitable materials for the production of the pieces and of the tooling, considering the quality and die-life required
  • Developing of the 3D model for accurate technical, aesthetical and functional analyses
  • 2D and 3D tooling design
  • Tool making with precise and up-to-date CAD-CAM technologies
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Material analysis
  • Structural analysis
  • Aesthetical and functional analysis of the tooling. Mould testing by wax injection
  • Material certification (metallurgic laboratory)
  • Photographic documentation


The entire design and tool making process is made in our firm, except fort the heat treatment.


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